Recipe: Katey’s Typical Salad

Veg-Loaded Risotto
Shawarma Kebab

Now, although my food preparation and presentation can be rather clumsy, it usually tastes pretty good (well, at least in my opinion). So, I’d like to encourage you to give this straight-forward nutrition-packed salad a go, by providing some step-by-step guidance through photos.

Ready? Here we go….

Step 1: Salad Leaves

Start with a generous helping of salad leaves (these are mixed baby salad leaves):

Step 2: Red Onion

Sprinkle on some chopped red onion (or spring onion):

Step 3: Tomatoes

Add chopped fresh tomatoes (these happen to be baby orange tomatoes):

Step 4: Cucumber

Next, some chopped cucumber:

Step 5: Avocado

Throw on some chopped avocado:

Tip: You can add whatever you fancy – sometimes we add chopped celery &/or bell pepper or simply something fresh that needs using.

Step 6: Mixed Seeds

Sprinkle with mixed seeds (a rich source of vitamins & minerals):

Step 7: Dressing

Drizzle with balsamic vinegar (or low-fat dressing of choice):

Step 8: Beetroot

Add a side of beetroot ( steam your own or vacuum-packed to retain nutrients):

Step 9: Falafel

Pop a couple of falafel on your plate (these are broad bean based). Tip: Sometimes we substitute with something else (e.g. Spanish omelette, sausage) to mix it up a bit or simply to use-up leftovers:

Step 10: Sweet Chilli Jam

A small dollop of sweet chilli jam (my Mum makes this for me) to accompany the falafel:

Step 11: Antipasti

Sometimes we add antipasti (here we have olives, sun-dried tomatoes & artichoke hearts). We often use Ponti Zero olio an oil-free range:

Step 12: Potatoes

A few steamed salad potatoes with skin on for more fibre[1]:

Step 13: Salad Cream or Mayo

On my potatoes, a small serving of salad cream or mayo (I use Veganaise – admittedly high fat, but relatively low in saturates):

Ta dah! – A tasty rainbow of colours[2] helping towards your 5 a day[3] and daily fibre intake[1].

Step 14: Enjoy!

(Image: Christian Dorn from Pixabay).

Veg-Loaded Risotto
Shawarma Kebab


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