Health Diary Week 87: Lots Happening

Image: Owl at Hawk Conservancy Trust, 2012 (I was quite proud of this action shot)

Week 86

Hi, welcome to another weekly instalment of what’s on my plate: health updates, meal creations and smile-provoking experiences. There’s so much to tell, but so little available time – I’ll do my best to be informative, yet succinct…

New Job?

The feedback from my Staff Wellbeing Hub Admin interview was that I was a strong candidate… But I was their second choice. They were concerned about my work-life balance, because of my interests outside of work – Ironically, I’d started adding my outside interests into admin job interviews to demonstrate that my mind would still be challenged outside of work. This was to counteract the other concern that always comes up when I apply for admin – “Would the job satisfy me when I appear to be better suited to an advisory role?” I honestly enjoy admin; I also enjoy advisory work too. I’d like to do both.

Excitingly, I was offered two days a week, because their first choice wanted to work three days, so I gratefully accepted. The bonus is that this still leaves the possibility of doing some advisory work too… Or perhaps a Health and Wellbeing Coach? – there’s currently adverts for this role within the NHS.

Image: Me listening to a student (well, posing for a promotional photo) at our work enquiry desk. Ca. 2003 (I look so young!)

The Histamine Saga

Here are the latest updates on my challenge to find out more about my histamine issues…

Allergy Clinic:

Last week the Allergy Clinic changed my appointment to a phone one – I reasoned maybe it was because the first appointment is just a consultation. But this week, the clinic rejected my referral – Nooo!  I phoned to check if this was an error… it wasn’t. They’ve recommended I’m referred to an ENT Clinic – I’m confused – I don’t think I need my ears, nose or throat checked out?

Food Risks:

We had family visiting for my Dad’s birthday, so I took some small food risks, with the support of my DAO enzyme tablet. Mum had prepared a curry for dinner – I had the dhal (lentils), potato and peas from the curry (tomato based), poppadom (chickpea) and Nita’s Mum’s coriander chutney (chilli, cashews). Thankfully, there were no ill effects from rhinitis, but I had a slightly sore (burned feeling) tongue for about a week – probably from the chilli, maybe also the tomato:

Image: My histamine food risk dinner: Lentils (dhal), potato and peas from the curry (tomato base), popadom (chickpea). Nita’s Mum’s green chutney not pictured

Positive Thinking: What Made Watson Smile

I love identifying things that make me smile. Here’s a few things from this past week…

I had pudding:

Mum made rhubarb crumble for Dad’s birthday treat, instead of a cake. I rarely get to have a proper pudding, because of my histamine issues. I decided since I’d already had my DAO enzyme tablet, this was my opportunity. And of course I drowned my crumble in the vanilla custard freebie gifted by the Vegan Kind Supermarket (Week 81) – delicious:

Image: Left: Coconut Collaborative vanilla custard freebie from the Vegan Kind supermarket. Right: Pudding: Rhubarb crumble drowning in vanilla custard

A gift from work:

I was just leaving work when one of the Admin Shift Leads asked, “Would you like a brown bag?”. I assumed this could only be a good thing, so I said, “That would be lovely, thank you”. And within my brown bag were two rhubarb and pineneedle drinks and a box of chocolate (my Dad’s favourite). What a lovely gesture. I passed on the chocolate to my parents and saved the drinks for myself:

Image: My brown bag contents: Monty Bojangles chocolate and Double Dutch drinks

Another friend reunion:

When I was studying for my Nutrition degree, my two main buddies were Magda and Emelie. Emelie has since moved back to Sweden, although we’re still in regular contact. Magda doesn’t live too far away, so we arranged to meet up in person for the first time since the pandemic started. We decided to have a walk in a country park and wow, we had so much to tell each other – it was so lovely to see Magda in person rather than online. The walk was picturesque – a change from my usual roadside walks. And my Active10 app reported I’d completed 168 minutes total walking, of which 88 minutes was brisk – go me:

Image: Countrypark walk – river view (it was a pity about the fallen tree, but a beautiful view nonetheless)
Image: Countrypark walk – field view

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘What’s on Watson’s Plate’. Please feel free to follow my bite-sized updates on Instagram or Facebook. See you next week for another catch up.

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20 thoughts on “Health Diary Week 87: Lots Happening

  1. I have NEVER understood the “sorry, we think you’re over qualified…” bit when applying for a job. It’s happened to me a couple of times in the past…I almost wanted to say, “NO WAIT!!! I’m not as smart as you think!!!” 🙂 That owl shot was so cool…those eyes!!!!

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  2. Congratulations on your job Katey – wonderful news. Sorry to hear about the trouble with getting your allergy sorted. I have been sneezing for 3 weeks now so know a tiny bit of what you are experiencing. I have never had hay-fever before but that is what it feels like. I think it may be due to wearing a mask for over 15 months and now my nose is extra sensitive to anything inhaled??? It that Manor Farm? That is where I swim.


    On Sat, Jun 26, 2021 at 3:32 PM What’s on Watson’s Plate wrote:

    > katey26 posted: ” Image: Owl at Hawk Conservancy, 2012 (I was quite proud > of this action shot) HomeWeek 86 Hi, welcome to another weekly instalment > of what’s on my plate: health updates, meal creations and smile-provoking > experiences. There’s so much to tell, but so” >

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you. I’m so sorry you’re suffering with the sneezing – I hope it eases off for you soon. It could well be that your nose is more sensitive at the moment – its so hard to pinpoint the reason. That’s amazing you swim at Manor Farm – I need to get swimming again soon, but I’m more of a pool person, which is a pity really, as outside is probably a safer option at the moment xxx


  3. Congrats on getting the job for two days a week! Ugh, clinics and their refferals – I can definitely relate. I used to get passed around like a pracel when me and my family lived in the UK, so much so that my parents gave up on trying to find out why I used to walk wierdly when I was young. Then we moved to NL and the first hospital we went to told us straight away what was wrong with me. Mhmm… rhubarb crumble sounds absolutely delicious. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it with no risks to your health. And congrats on the friend reunion – I can’t wait until I can see mine again too.

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