Health Diary Week 52: Delayed

Image: mohamed Hassan, Pixabay

Week 51

Hi, just a quick update to let you know that unfortunately my usual Wednesday health diary post is postponed for Week 52. I usually write up the week after my Monday weigh-in and work on it until I publish on Wednesday. But this Monday I started my histamine elimination diet (Week 53) and since then I’ve had a horrible headache preventing me from using a screen for long. I’m assuming caffeine withdrawal is involved . I’m aiming to complete my Week 52 blog for Friday – fingers crossed!

Also, sadly I’ve not been able to read everyone else’s blogs – I hope to catch up on those soon too, because I love reading them.

I hope you’re all doing okay.

Week 52>>>
<<<Week 51

11 thoughts on “Health Diary Week 52: Delayed

    • Hey, thanks 😊❀ I tried some paracetamol, which didn’t seem to do much πŸ™„ but I’m feeling much better today other than constantly falling asleep, so hopefully I’ll be feeling okay by tomorrow 🀞☺


    • Haha, thanks. Sadly, no chocolate for me for at least a month as it contains histamine. As does coffee, which I suspect not having any has caused withdrawal headaches and sleepiness the past 3 days. It could be a tough couple of months, but I’m willing to do it if it means I can eat and drink what I want over Christmas without ill effects 😊


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