Health Diary Week 40: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

Some Personal Bests

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Hi everyone, welcome back to another weekly instalment of what’s on my plate, health and nutrition updates and some positive smile-provoking experiences…

Food and Nutrition


So, I skipped breakfast once as I knew I was going out for a calorie-dense lunch – more on that shortly. I had mango twice and pineapple once – an improvement on last week’s no morning fruit. I ate Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal once and had my easy go-to Nairn’s oat biscuits 4 times:

Week 40 Breakfasts


Predictably, I had My typical salad for lunch – 5 times this week. I cooked up some THIS Isn’t Bacon rashers that were at their end date, using some in a ‘bacon’ roll and keeping the remainder for a dinner ingredient:

My lunch (and social) highlight has to be the meal out at Offbeet New Forest, sat in the Sunnyfields Farm Pyramid Field, chatting with my friend Harry and briefly Bevy when she joined us online. Along with the creamy curried gnocchi, I shared some of my parents’ Indian loaded fries. It was all so very tasty:

I took the photo; the description image is from Offbeet’s website
Week 40 Lunches


This week’s dinners included a seriously loaded (and messy) Plant Pioneer burger with oven fries – we’re talking melted Applewood cheese, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, coleslaw, fried onion and tomato salsa. After my big lunch out, I had a toasted sandwich for dinner – Applewood cheese, Quorn ‘ham’ slices, homemade coleslaw and tomato:

Twice I had leftover Veg Risotto (Week 39) with a cheeky dollop of mayo mixed in – I just love risotto, especially with broad beans:

Then there was ratatouille, another favourite – it’s basically tomato, peppers, courgettes and aubergine. We had it with 2 Plant Pioneer jackfruit burgers and a Waitrose breaded jackfruit burger divided between the 3 of us. The next day was the magical meal transformation: we used leftover ratatouille as a sauce with spaghetti (Dove’s brown rice) and added white cabbage, THIS Isn’t Bacon rashers and olives – I was completely happy to have it the next day for dinner too:

Week 40 Dinners


I was more mindful of my snacking compared to last week, resulting in eating less and reduced saturated fat options:

Week 40 Snacks

Admittedly there were still some unhealthier choices – a couple of times over the weekend I had some Kettle Chips crisps. Decent savoury snacks included my go-to Peckish rice crackers and hummus a couple of times, once also with some baby peppers. Also, I had some mixed unsalted nuts and Karma Bites popped lotus seeds:

Sweet snacks included my usual 2-4 chocolate bar squares on 4 days – surprisingly not every day. But I did have the last Gu vanilla and chocolate cheesecake (at its end date) – massively indulgent, being high in total and saturated fat. I had fruit a few times though, including strawberries, raspberries and the mango surrounding the stones – being offered the stone is a treat in my household and brings back childhood memories with my Nana:


My alcohol intake (spiced rum with Diet cola) was acceptable, within the recommended 14 units maximum weekly allowance, although I would’ve liked to reduce it from 9 units down to 6 units over the 3 evenings I drank. No inconvenient hangovers at least:

Week 40 Alcohol
Image: Drinkaware


I completed a 40 minutes Wii Fit session on aerobic and balance exercises. No exercising biking, but I’ll do it again when I’m stuck inside for our 14 days self-imposed quarantine. I set myself a challenge to go out walking every day this week – I’m proud to report I succeeded, totalling 432 minutes (just over 7 hours), of which 286 minutes (over 4.5 hours) was brisk. That’s nearly 8 hours total physical activity, compared to just under 3 hours last week – I’m very happy with that:

Week 40 Exercise
Active 10 walks

Weight, BMI and Fat Results

Okay, so how did all my actions reflect in my weekly results? Well, I’m pleased to report I lost the weight gained last week, plus a little more: I lost 2.2 lb (1 kg) and 0.6% fat – phew:

My progress may seem slow and somewhat up-and-down, but its’ to be expected when working towards healthy sustainable weight loss through a nutritional, but also non-restrictive method. The dip in weight, between Week 21 and Week 23, was when I’d been feeling my worst with suspected COVID-19 (thankfully I’m okay now), so a weight gain after that is to be expected really. Hopefully I’m back on more of a downward trend again now:

Key: SI: self-isolation (due to symptoms). LD: Lockdown. PLD: Partial lockdown

Positive Thinking: What Made Watson Smile

Right, I think it’s time to move on to those smile-provoking experiences…

I’m an Amateur:
I had a run of Wii Fit personal bests in super hula hoop, advanced rhythm boxing, step plus, balance bubble and most excitingly heading – I’d got progressively worse at heading, but this week I achieved my highest score and reached amateur status – yey!:

From 18 points (Week 38) to 67 points (Week 40)

The WordPress Community:
A lovely compliment from fellow WordPress blogger, Troy Headrick from Pointless Overthinking, about my fruit face avatar designed by my Mum, based on how she sees me in fruit form:

Clockwise: The inspiration by congerdesign (Pixabay). Mum’s first attempt. Me. My final profile picture

Coffee and Birds:
The simplistic daily morning ritual of bird watching and coffee on the driveway with my parents. I can’t share the bird feeding videos on here, but I’m posting some on my Instagram if you’re interested:

Mummy Bird feeding Baby Bird

The Dusk Sky:
Thank you Tina for pointing out the dusk sky during our online Houseparty meet-up. I hadn’t actually properly appreciated it until looking back at my photo:

Lunch Out:
Feeling safe enough to collect food from my favourite food place (Offbeet New Forest) and eat comfortably alfresco in the Sunnyfields Farm Pyramid Field. And of course the social side of meeting Harry and Bevy for a lunchtime catch up and having a quick chat with Offbeet Chef and friend (Bald Vegan Chef):

Images: Top: Offbeet; bottom: Pyramid Field at Sunnyfields Farm

Nature Walks:
Spotting beautiful, surprising or amusing nature whilst out walking:

My Neighbour:
Walks with my kind neighbour Elise who is helping me explore the local area to figure out where I want to live:

Elise during our stroll in a park

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘What’s on Watson’s Plate’. Thank you for reading and feel free to follow my bite-sized updates on Instagram or Facebook. See you next Wednesday for another catch up. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy reading everyone else’s inspirational and informative posts.

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14 thoughts on “Health Diary Week 40: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

    • Thanks PoojaG 😊 Burgers and fries are definitely one of those high craving foods for me😅 But, minus the coconut cheese, it wouldn’t have been too high fat, as the fries were oven cooked. I love finding healthier options for the foods I love 😃

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      • Yeah I’ve been eating oven cooked fries a lot more too- I think I only eat the deep fried ones once in like six months! Healthier options are always fun to find- you get to enjoy your favourite foods minus the unhealthiness!

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