Health Diary Week 26: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

I Will Not Give Up!

Image: diema, Pixabay

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Hi and welcome to another weekly instalment of what’s on my plate, health and nutrition updates and some positive smile-provoking experiences…

Weight, BMI and Fat Results

I can’t believe I’m 6 months into blogging about my health diary! I wish I could mark this landmark with impressive news about my weight loss, instead I gained 0.4 lb this week, taking me to 166.4 lb (75.5 kg). Although it’s just a creeping rise, I need to get it under control like now!:

Week 26 results – uh oh!

Food and Nutrition

It’s no mystery where I went wrong – I’ve felt constantly hungry and craved fat and sugar since recovering from a virus – Probably ‘That’ Coronavirus. Sometimes I wish I didn’t love food quite so much, but it seems I always have, as evidenced below:

Me aged 2, clearly enjoying my food in a snazzy 70’s tracksuit!

What Went Wrong? – Snacks and Alcohol:

So, on Monday I not only had a carrot cake muffin for breakfast (instead of fruit), but another later as a snack, along with the last Mummy Meagz ‘creme egg’. On Tuesday I had a muffin again for breakfast and a hot cacao drink in the evening. On Wednesday I ate two Booja Booja chocolate truffles and drank hot cacao. Thursday saw more chocolate, this time Raw Chocolate Co goji berries. Yet more chocolate on Friday with gojis, but also meringues (egg free!). This was topped off on Friday with excess vodka, moving on to rum when I ran out – when will I learn? Also, I ate coconut-based cheese, including a cheesy garlic pitta as an evening snack and nachos twice at the weekend:

Meringues made using the liquid leftover from a tin of chickpeas instead of egg whites – you can’t tell the difference!


But, it wasn’t all bad – I had fruit for breakfast Wednesday through to Sunday, including, pineapple, satsumas and apples.

Some breakfast fruit: Pineapple, apple, satsuma – yum!


I had my My Typical Salad four times for lunch, baked beans on toast twice and a ‘bacon-ish’ sandwich by dry pan-frying some Quorn ‘ham’ slices.

Some lunches: Dolmathes, aubergine, steamed potatoes & beetroot, homemade coleslaw, mixed salad leaves with tomato, cucumber, red onion, celery & avocado. Baked beans on toast. Bacon-ish sandwich.


Monday’s dinner was a sausage, roast potatoes, stuffing and loads of veg – Brussel sprouts with chestnuts, peas, sweetcorn, carrot, courgette and white cabbage (similar to Week 25). On Tuesday and Thursday, I ate Ugo pumpkin and sage raviolini and fusilli pasta, once with a few leftover oven chips and the other day a cheesy garlic pitta. We tried delicious Waitrose jackfruit burgers on Wednesday with oven chips and salad. I’ve just realised I had oven chips three times this week, including on Saturday – that’s a bit excessive! Friday and Sunday’s dinners were chickpea and spinach curry, lentil dhal and brown rice.

Some dinners: Chickpea & spinach curry, red lentil dhal & brown rice. Waitrose jackfruit burger with oven chips & salad. Ugo pumpkin & sage raviolini & fusilli pasta with sundried tomato, black olives & drizzle of extra virgin olive oil & hot chilli sauce with cheesy garlic pitta.


Although I’m a long way off my pre-virus physical activity levels, I’m happy to report I was active on three days, totalling one hour on the exercise bike and 45 minutes jogging in the garden on my trampette.

Positive Thinking: What Made Watson Smile

Okay, time for the next instalment of what made me smile this week…

Garden decorations:
Plenty of interesting things to look at in the garden:

Friendly Blackbird:
This bird that frequents the garden, often venturing very close to me:

Cunning Alcohol Plan:
My cunning plan to use a wine bucket and ice blocks to keep my Friday night drinks cold. Also, notice the spirit measurer I proudly and diligently used until I became too tipsy to care – good intentions!:

Houseparty (Online) with Friends:
The Friday night ‘pub’ Houseparty – at some point we decided to upgrade to a hats party! Here I’m finding something very funny!:

Face Friend:
On Saturday I couldn’t help but notice Michael Ball’s ‘face friend’ on his ceiling – heehee!:

One World Together:
And lastly, Sunday was the One World Together at Home concert – a heart-warming idea to show love to all our key workers. I was extra happy that Billie Joe from Green Day played:

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘What’s on Watson’s Plate’. Please feel free to follow my bite-sized updates on Instagram or Facebook. See you next Wednesday for another catch up.

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15 thoughts on “Health Diary Week 26: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

  1. Morning K, love love love your picture when you were 2, aahhh so cute. I also think that a bit of choccy and drink(!) does the soul good and sometimes an apple just wont do! You have some great friends,great food and are keeping track of everything, winner! Stay safe and happy .
    Jo xxxx❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much Jo and also for following my journey. I have to admit it’s challenging maintaining motivation to track everything. Indeed, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself at this weird time. I’m so grateful for technology enabling us all to stay connected. Hope you’re happy and staying safe too. Take care xxx


  2. Keep strong and keep determined – that’s all you need on this journey.

    I too have been having some ups and downs on account of the ‘situation’ but as soon as you find a new rhythm you’ll be back on the rails.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I know how good it feels to come back from obesity! Please: be EXTRA careful about eating sugar around times you’re sick. Sugar feeds infection and can make things so much worse. It feeds inflamation, yeast and bacteria in your body. ❤ ~K

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so much for your concern & advice – it’ much appreciated 🙂 I knew it was a bad idea when I was doing it, as I was aware I was feeding my health-damaging gut microbes. The craving was so strong though, so I just hoped it would all balance out with all the wholefoods I’m eating too.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Your staying power & cheerfulness is admirable, Katey. Keep going, as you always came across as very tenacious to me & I know you are going to feel enormous satisfaction when you reach your goal, whatever it is.

    Liked by 2 people

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