Article: Practical Tips to Reduce Risk from COVID-19

By Katey Watson, March 2020

Image: Natasha Spenser, Pixabay


This week on Instagram, I listened to a helpful (non-scary) interview of Dr Jenna Macciochi (an established Immunologist) by doctors_kitchen. Dr Macciochi provided some practical tips to reduce the risk from coronaviruses (and many other infections). I’ve summarised her key advice below:

Hand Washing

Wash hands regularly, especially after touching commonly used surfaces – I know – we’ve all heard this, but it really is important!

Hand Gel

Hand gel needs to contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective. (Hand washing with soap and water is better).


If possible quit (or at least reduce) smoking – the virus enters lung cells through a receptor called ACE-2. Smoking increases the number of these receptors, providing more doorways. (I don’t know if this includes vaping, but I’ll try to find out and update).


Sleep is very important! – our 1st line of defence immune cells (Natural Killer cells) plummet without enough sleep making us more likely to succumb to infections.


Eat a diverse range of plant-based whole foods (e.g. vegetables, salads, fruits, legumes, grains) – they contain health-protective fibre, phytochemicals and flavonoids (includes coffee and good quality dark chocolate! – in moderation of course). But, keep sugar consumption minimal – it feeds gut microbes harmful to health. For more information about good and bad carbohydrates: Article: Carbs: The Good, The Bad and the Sometimes ‘Farty’!


Be cautious about fasting – it is not yet known what type/level of fasting is beneficial or detrimental for fighting the COVID-19 virus.

Intensive Exercise

Avoid very intensive exercise – it puts a strain on the immune system.


Try to reduce stress (find some time for relaxation) – stress suppresses the immune system making us more likely to succumb to infections.

Face Masks

Face masks are only effective if they are regularly changed due to moisture build-up. Therefore, enable our health workers to have enough by not bulk buying their stocks, so that they can safely treat those of us potentially infected.

I hope you found these practical tips as useful as I did. More details can be found on the doctors_kitchen Instagram page at:

Take care all 😊

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Pixabay images in order of appearance

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7) Mimzy – fasting
8) skeeze – intensive exercise
9) Gerd Altmann – stress
10) Juraj Varga – face mask

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