Health Diary Week 15: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

Gorgeous Gojis!

How my Mum sees me in fruit-face format! (My new profile pic)

<<<Week 14

Hi and welcome to another weekly instalment of what’s on my plate, health and nutrition updates and some positive smile-provoking experiences…

What’s New

…I’ve approached this week differently compared to previous ones, because I’m weighing myself every day for four weeks. I’m not keen on daily weighing, but I’m doing a self-experiment following a debate that I need to settle with a friend (more details after the experiment is completed).

Image: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Weight, BMI and Fat Results

So, after last week’s behaviour, I felt I should ‘up my game’ – it paid off. I’ll admit it was helped by daily weight tracking, because I adapted my behaviour accordingly (that’s not what my experiment is about). For the third time since I started, I’m out of the obese category and at my lowest weight so far. In total, I’ve lost just over half a stone (3.3 kg) and my fat has reduced by 3% – yippee! I know it’s slow progress, but as I’ve said before, I’m in for the long haul – no quick fixes – it must be sustainable:

Week 15 results – now that’s more like it!

Food and Nutrition

What did I do right? I decided to compare my behaviour to last week’s. Naturally, I got my nerd on again – I produced a comparison table, highlighting the potential pitfalls (saturated fat or sugars) – you’ll notice there’s more pink highlights in Week 14 compared to this week:

Week 14 versus week 15 behaviour. Pink highlight: potential pitfalls (hmmm, there’s quite a few!).

Breakfast and Lunch:

This week I stuck with fruit in the morning – I love fruit. Likewise, I had a lot of salad-based lunches, including My Typical Salad; whereas, in Week 14 I had less salad and fruit:

Salad-based lunches: Top: Wholemeal pitta with Quorn ‘chicken’ slices, coleslaw, red onion, celery, tomato, cucumber & mixed baby salad leaves. Left: Plant Pioneer burger in wholemeal pitta with salad. Right: My ‘typical salad’ with added sauerkraut & coleslaw (cabbage overload? – nah!).


My dinners contained less saturated fat compared to last week – none of that coconut-based cheese or fried foods. And this week I didn’t eat out at all – I chose not to when we went for post-circuits coffee (go me!). I had chips once, same as last week, but instead of deep-fried, they were oven baked – much healthier! Mostly I had pasta or rice-based meals with vegetables or salad. My favourite meals were tofu, veg and rice noodles stir fry and the Shawarma and salad wraps:

Some of my dinners: Clockwise: My lazy pasta with Ponti Zero sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts & bell peppers, extra virgin olive oil & hot chilli sauce. M&S meal deal: Marinated tofu, vegetables & rice noodles. Vivera plant Shawarma (with bell peppers & carrot) & mixed salad (baby gem, red onion, tomato & avocado in mayo) in a wrap. Sainsburys Mexican rice, Capsicana refried beans, avocado, tomato & red onion.


There was a massive snacking difference between the two weeks. I mainly returned to Raw Chocolate Co goji berries to satisfy cravings instead of the now depleted Christmas chocolate stash. Although, the gojis are red traffic-lighted[1] for fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt, only a few of them are needed to satiate the chocolate craving. Also, I must have consumed a load of calories last week at the ‘Girls’ night in’ with my snack binge!

Christmas chocolate (& booze) stash versus chocolate now (sensibly portioned).


Oh, and alcohol-wise – I successfully completed ‘Dry January’ and I haven’t had any booze as yet. I aim to massively reduce consumption to promote my long-term health[2, 3]:

My ‘Try Dry’ (Alcohol Change UK) January progress


I completed nearly two hours more physical activity (via exercise biking) compared to last week – I rarely watch TV, but the 6 Nations Rugby started, so I’m watching it whilst cycling instead of just sitting. I had a couple of good walks, incorporating a visit to friends for a cuppa. And, in circuits one of the ladies poked me in the belly and said ‘Oooo you’re losing it there!’ and at the other session, another suggested I ditch the scales as my shape was clearly changing even if my weight wasn’t shifting – this was encouraging:

Exercise ready. Left to right: The circuits outfit that warranted the belly poke! France versus England on the exercise bike (a disappointing match!). Over-estimating how cold it was outside for a walk!

A Positive Week

It’s been a positive week and I’m ‘proper pleased’ with myself. I hope you’re able to join me next week for my measurements review and an update photo of the blue dress from Week 0: The Starting Point.

Just a photo of a quirky bird decoration I bought this week, because it made me chuckle.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘What’s on Watson’s Plate’. Please feel free to follow my bite-sized updates on Instagram or Facebook. See you next Wednesday for another catch up. Have a great week all…

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1. British Nutrition Foundation, 2018. Helping you eat well: Looking at labels. Available from:
2. Drinkaware, 2019. Health facts of alcohol [online]. Available from:
3. Department of Health England, Llywodraeth Cymru Welsh Government, Department of Health Northern Ireland and Scottish Government, 2016. UK Chief Medical Officers’ Low Risk Drinking Guidelines 2016 [online]. Available from:

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7 thoughts on “Health Diary Week 15: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

  1. Amazing! Well done you.Your chart is so interesting, im intreged to know what youre doing,weighing daily etc.. I want you to do a chart for me!
    See you Friday,youre looking fab.
    Jo x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww, thanks Jo. Ha ha, I might tell you on Friday 🙂 I’d happily do a chart for you, as you’ve been so kind to follow my journey each week & make suggestions – it’s much appreciated x


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