Health Diary Week 4: Food, Exercise and a Positive Mind

Improvement (Kind of)

Image: Kevstream from Pixabay

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Hi and welcome to another weekly instalment of what’s on my plate, health and nutrition updates and some positive smile-provoking experiences…

Food and Nutrition

So, let’s have a look at what food was on my plate, the healthy and not so healthy choices and identify any tweaks I could make to improve my nutrition…


This was a better week – I was less hungry, so I snacked less and more sensibly. I went back to my fav chocolate snack – raw chocolate goji berries – a thin coating of strong dark chocolate that quickly satisfies the craving. I portion them into a little dish so that I don’t get tempted to eat too many. I also enjoyed hummus with a wholegrain pitta bread or rice crackers:

How I portion my fav choc snack (raw choc goji berries)


I had fruit salad for breakfast over three days. The other days I ate cereal, toast or veggie sausage sandwich (brunch). I skipped breakfast once, just because I wasn’t hungry. I’m trying to be more mindful about when I’m actually hungry (e.g. not mistaking it for when I’m bored or stressed)[1, 2]:

Image: John Hain from Pixabay


For lunch, I had My Typical Salad four times, egg-free Spanish omelette with a sausage and salad, and a pub roast dinner. At the pub I caved-in to the chocolate brownie with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream, although I compromised by sharing it with a friend – it tasted sooooo good – no regrets:

Nutritious, delicious Spanish omelette (egg substituted with fibrous gram/chickpea/garbanzo flour)


Dinners were varied including:
– Raviolini and green-lentil pasta with olives, sundried tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
– Spanish omelette with veggie sausage and oven-chips
– Mexican-spiced rice with beans, avocado and tomato
– Chia protein nuggets, baked beans and oven-chips
– Mixed bean chilli, avocado, tomato and brown rice:

Pumpkin & sage raviolini & green-lentil fusilli with olives, sundried tomatoes & extra virgin olive oil


There was also an evening at the pub with those usual vodkas.


My exercise included two circuit training and four exercise bike sessions. I’m trying to be more physically active to burn extra calories and reduce health risks like Type 2 Diabetes – the weekly adult recommendation is 2 ½ hours moderate or 1 ¼ hours vigorous activity[3]. I calculated 5 ½ hours activity this week! – this surprised me, as it didn’t feel like it, probably because I was distracted watching TV on the bike:

Image: Karabulakastan from Pixabay

Weight, BMI and Fat Results

Earlier in the week I’d noticed my waist and thighs seemed a bit smaller – still waiting for my belly to be less wobbly though! The great news is I lost 1.6 lb (hoorah!) – it was a massive relief to finally see the numbers reduce. Unfortunately, there was no change to my fat percentage, but it still felt positive seeing some progress:

My week 4 results compared to last week and my starting point

Positive Results

It’s been a massive relief to move in the right direction again and hopefully this is the start of seeing more positive results.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘What’s on Watson’s Plate’. Please feel free to follow my bite-sized updates on Instagram or Facebook. See you next Wednesday for another catch up.

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